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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Pics? NSA?

The number one slot, coming in just ahead of sport fucking as the number one male fantasy, is photo sharing with a babe.
The funniest part of that, to me, because it's my blog and my fucking values we're looking at, is the idea that they want real time photography because stuff that other people have seen is "old" news. Bitch please, what makes you so special? Or what is it that makes you think chicks are that altruistic?

Do I really need to mention that a limp dick inspires... nothing? Another day...

Someone asked in earnest for an interpretation of David Deida's "gibberish". My most favourite is working on that explanation for y'all but in the meantime let me put it this way for you: NO MATTER WHAT YOU ARE DOING, FOCUS ONLY ON ADDING VALUE. Parenting, partnering, dishes, work world, getting your dick wet, always only consider how you are making things better by being there. From that position many possibilities open up to you.

Inevitably, you will have a million questions about that simple philosophy of being valuable, Ask A Hot Chick, it's what I'm here for. I'm feeling generous this weekend and thought I'd fulfill some of those many, many requests for photos. All stolen from the Internet, just for you!!

Maybe you've never heard this ancient proverb...
Or you've been deal with a bitch. Male of female.
Stop going for bitches and a lot of your other problems will vanish, too.

Cannot stop laughing!
Not the pictures you'd wanted but fuck, am I ever hilarious!

It stands for "Down To Fuck" for those of you cavepeople with computers...

Women can't "advertise" that they're "down to fuck". Every loser and fucktard comes out of the woodwork if she shows up, never mind if she advertises being open about an unlimited connection with someone she has connected with. Note the word "connection".

'DTF' is out now, and has been adopted by a lot of people who really don't understand sex and sexuality, so it's no longer a secret code ballers can use to identify each other.

At it's inception it was shorthand for not limiting the capacity to connect by placing archaic rules on the experience, WITHOUT attachment to outcomes, whether beautiful or bootiful, too, it was a way to indicate that the traditional labels and ideas currently in place regarding relationships and relating didn't apply: "Safe to be real zone."

Now it's out of the underground closet and formally bastardized by every wishful thinking motherfucker in the Western world, hoping against hope that it's the magical inroad to "bangin' sluts" they've been seeking. Unfortunately, the chodes don't understand the difference between open-for-consideration and already-committed-to-acting-on-a-consideration-that-might-come-up. Perhaps these types are legitimately willing to "fuck anything" just because they love women but most people have at least some selection process that weeds out at least half of the people in any room.

Unlimited love isn't something that's easy to explain to people who don't even realize such a beautiful experience exists in this world of limited love interactions. Are copnditional and unconditional words that are better understood in this puzzle? 

You either get it or you don't, which might seem like a bullshit answer but it's really just the truth. No different than artists and their art, those looking in on the magic don't understand any of it, they see the painting or the sculpture and make an uninformed judgement of the end product. It's just the way it is.

Connecting wholly with a person is, if anything, entirely holy, but in your limited view of things, "slutty" is the only label you know to use. Meh. To put it more directly for those of you who are still struggling with the concept, or where I stand on anything at all: I may be DTF but I will never be DTF you!

Every time someone asks me if my erotica is like
that piece of shit 50 Shades of Tripe,
I am sending them this picture.
Not fair to make jokes that are over your head...
I just did.
This article didn't resemble anything cohesive, and you know what? I really don't care. Even if it made you cry, having finally heard what I've been saying all along about the chances of us fucking at anytime in the near or distant future... I'm sure you'll live.

Yes, I really like role-playing.
"Sorry, John."

It seems that more than a few of you are confused about the terms for the different relationships you want to engage in -"Oh god, don't call it a relationship, I'll be trapped!! Engage!?! WHHHAATT??!! Aaaaaaahhhhhh!". I'll get on the urban dictionary for you so you don't have use your googling fingers or nothin'...

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