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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Lady Gaga Nipple

Okay, there is no disputing it! That is Gaga Nipple.

View the photo here,
I know you tried to click the link on the screen shot ;)
Ms. G is the Queen of Sex Sells but strangely, has very little sex appeal. Sometimes she is really pretty and other times so very awkward looking.

As far as business goes, fuck, she's got it on lock down. She's obviously an entertainer, whether it's "good" entertainment or not remains in the eye of the boob holder, but she is making cash by the barrel full so she's got something going on.

I don't know if she can dance or if she just wears over-the-top and/or slutty costumes well to her advantage. I do know I'd like to make her some over-the-top-slutty costumes just because I know she'd wear the shit out of them. I don't know about hanging out, she seems kinda lonely when I see some of the posts thrown up on Facebook. Who can really say, it's all marketing but these forums allow for a direct line to the fan base and some celebrities use that.

There used to exist a version of this track on YouTube that was performed by cross-dressers, one black, one white, lip-synching the shit out of it and dancing their hearts out. I used to send the link to boys who decided to blow up my phone.

Since it probably got removed because of copyright infringement details, let's instead discuss the themes in the original, and wildly entertaining video. A thinly veiled, and then not even veiled slightly, hardcore lesbian manhater gone on a violent rampage inspired by her friend's asshole lover's mistreatment... 

Seriously, the jailhouse bondage strip scene with the big butch guard, the random make out session with the random androgynous dude in the yard, the strippers in studded lingerie putting on a show for all the inmates, "MissOfficer" signing in to Plenty of Fish (makes me want to build a POF just to search for that username) etc. etc. It just goes on like that until it is revealed that she's poisoned the whole restaurant to get at the shitty boyfriend... somewhat extreme, and very typical of the media's stereotypical portrayal of lesbians.

All of which leads me to the conclusion that, entirely aside from showing her nipple in a media photo (done, done and so overdone), her general message, based on the single video I've seen, isn't one I want my kids exposed to and influenced by. It'll potentially confuse them into believing my lesbian lovers are serial killers. Would they be considered serial killers in that video, if it was just the one time? Did I spoil the whole damn video for you?

Did anyone else notice the nipple, or care? Or is Gaga's lack of sex appeal too much for even a whole nipple to overcome?

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