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Saturday, 4 August 2012


It seems that everything I say needs to come with a disclaimer... I won't get into the reasons you let your filters lead you to believe I am saying things I'm not. It's Saturday, I need a manicure before I can type at you about my sexcapades of late so you're going to need to blast through your own filters today. Blow your own
mind so to speak.

I get up to a lot of psychotherapy role-play,
even hotter than the sexy librarian role-play.

All I was getting at with my 13th potential tweet is that I simply don't prefer most country music. I didn't say a little country influence wasn't welcome, and appreciated. Or better yet, influenced by country and sluttiness.

Cunt influenced is just funny.
Funny is still better than country.
I hope you're enjoying some summer lovin' today. Even if it's with your hand, or if you're breaking out the real doll to celebrate some victory or other. Averages Law suggests there is at least one or two of you out there in Readerland who have a sex doll... Tell us about your special lady friend. Or tell me and I'll tell the whole world. It's how I roll.

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