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Monday, 2 July 2012


Dear Diary,

I finally met Steve, the "hot guy on ten". I didn't just meet him,
DD, we just fucked the entire weekend away. It's a reasonable excuse for being away from the work of writing about fucking, isn't it?

Friday night same, same, with Anne, Karen and Jules this week. Tina had the kids and Janice is still on the west coast. We went to Slice for the fundraiser. Then, quite by accident, happened by this hole in the wall on Sixth, who happened to be advertising $1 Shooters on the board outside. I don't even know what it's called... that's how messy it got.

Well, I know I need not say more than "dollar shooter", you know me so well. But I will. We got retardedly drunk. Jules made out with somebody's girlfriend and got us kicked out before anyone started shooter puking. Probably a blessing in disguise. Fast forward through the hot dog vendor. More drinks at Candy's where we partied with some college guys who were too young for any of us to be grinding on. Drunk dialing to Karen's ex before we could intervene on her drunk fingers. On and on until finally I had to leave them at Cactus Club, still grinding on those little boys. When I texted them to ask if it turned into a wild, young cock orgy they both responded "lol" so I'm still not sure how it ended.

I made a drunken decision to walk it off. It was arduous, DD. But I was drunk and determined. To avoid puking in a cab. I was carrying my heels, staggering and weaving my way toward my goal. 'Home. Bed. Home. Bed. Home. Bed.' It took me over an hour, which is actually pretty good "drunk time" compared to some of the night journeys we've embarked on from the same spot.

Silently celebrating my upright and fairly timely journey as I turned off Main to walk up 19th, from somewhere off to my right I heard, "Hey. Hey you! You're drunk. From my building."

I turned and walked back to the intersection, looking for the voice that sounded as drunk as I felt. And it was him, DD. I almost peed. "I'm not drunk from the building. If I'd stayed there I'd probably be less drunk."

"I'm drunk from your building," he said, smiling as he walked up beside me. He turned back the way he had come from, taking my arm and spinning us both in the direction of 'Home. Bed' my mind piped in before I could stop it. "We're dancing now. It's not just two drunk people stumbling, we're doing it as a team."

"Did the building get you drunk?" I asked. Looking up at him in the drunken moonlight was almost too much to bear. His touch was electric and so natural. And he is strong, DD, so very fucking strong.

He looked down at me, his eyes twinkling with drunkenness and what I hoped was a little lust. "Damn! What's a pretty little thing like you doing wandering the streets at this hour? What are you, 25?" I laughed, remembering drunken stumbles at 25. "24? Are you younger than that?"

"You're funny. I'm 35-"

"Fuck off!" he said cutting me off."You're not fucking 35. If you're 35, I'm still 19. And, Sugar, I am not 19." He laughed as we staggered together up the hill. "How old are you really?"

I dropped my shoes as I reached for my purse. As he bent to pick them up I pulled out my ID. He kneeled there for a second, looking up at me, "License and registration, please Ma'am. Do you have a permit to have these legs out in public, Miss?" Then he was blushing like crazy which made him even more gorgeous.

I reached down and pulled him up by his free hand. Handing him my ID, I held out my hand for the shoes but he just took my arm and continued to lead the way. When we stumbled up to the streetlight he held the card up to his face, "I forgot my Mag lite tonight." As his eyes focused and he did the math, I saw the look of shock register on his face. "Fuck, ya right!" he said, handing me the card. "You really are 35. Nice to meet you, Imma. I'm Steve. Would you like to see my ID. I can't believe you're 35."

"Are you old, too, Steve?" I asked laughing as he composed himself again.

"You're not old, you're hot. Haha, I mean," he blushed again. "I'm 38."

"19 again!" I laughed. "You're pretty all right for 38, too, Steve."

"I don't look 25 though. Secret Asian genes under those blue eyes or what? I hope you're not insulted that I thought you were 25," his tone suddenly serious.

"Don't look so serious, Old Man." I laughed. "I don't really think we're old."

"Speak for yourself, Grandma. Okay, gross, sorry."

Laughing and staggering we made our way up the hill. Maybe it was the light in the lobby but we sobered a little when we walked into the building. He put my shoes down so I could step into them. We made our way to the elevators and he gestured me in ahead of him. I pushed the buttons for my floor and his and leaned against the back wall to keep from swaying. As the doors closed, he leaned into me and said, "You should come up and have a drink."

And all of a sudden I was kissing him, our bodies pinned against each other, hands everywhere. Not just a sweet peck. Full fledged making out in the elevator, DD. We didn't notice the elevator stop and the doors open at my floor. When it reached the tenth floor he led me backwards, still kissing and pawing me, out of the elevator and down the hall to his condo.

He pushed the door open with one hand and wrapped the other arm around my waist, lifting me in and swinging the door shut behind us. Kissing my neck, his hands found their way under the little black dress I was wearing. His touch was like lightning as his hands moved all over my bare skin. I dropped my purse on the floor as he pushed the dress up and lifted it over my head. He pushed me back against the wall and held my wrists over my head as he kissed me, his tongue doing things I may not have experienced before that night.

"I can't believe you're 35, and you're not wearing a bra. Mmm, your tits are so perfect," he whispered, moving his mouth down my neck to my hard nipple. All I could do was moan as held me there against the wall and sucked my nipples. His other hand still roaming everywhere, slid over my ass and he pulled me against him. He let go of my wrists as he moved his mouth down my stomach, before finally kneeling in front of me. Kissing my hips and tummy, his hands running over my entire body until they reached my black lace panties and slowly slid them down.

His kisses became bites. Not hard but hard enough. His hands kept moving everywhere, across my tits, squeezing and pinching my nipples, sliding up and down my legs, across my ass, back, neck, torso. He kept nibbling at me until he reached my inner thigh, forcing my legs wider as he pushed his mouth against my dripping wet pussy. "Oh God." he mumbled, his tongue darting out to taste me, his arm around my hips pulling me closer. 

"Oh fuck, Imma, you taste so good," he mumbled from between my legs. His tongue was working my clit like it was the last time it might happen as I stood over him moaning, leaning into his face. As he sucked my clit he slid his thumb deep in my pussy. He wrapped his fingers around my ass cheek as his thumb slid in and out slowly but firmly. His kisses moved from my clit, across my legs and hips, up my stomach, across my tits, my neck until his strong lips were kissing my mouth again.

He continued to move his thumb in and out as he kissed me deeply. "You're fucking amazing, Imma. Mmm, so so perfect." I could feel his hard cock against my hip as his body moved with mine. I could taste my pussy on his mouth. My arms were around him and under his shirt I could feel his perfect muscles' perfect movement as he slid his thumb in and out of my wet pussy. Our lips and tongues moved together as he thrust harder and faster with each stroke until I was standing on tiptoe. His other hand on my lower back feeling the rhythm of my body as I succumbed to his thumb. His lips and teeth were on my neck as I came. I threw my head back and cried out as the orgasm shook my entire body, my pussy squeezing around his thumb as he thrust it deep, holding me in place as I stood there and writhed on his hand


  1. My panties are now wet. Very hot!

    1. :)

      Congratulations on being the first female to interact openly, or quietly in this Boner Arena... Lol, we'll disregard the fact that you're also an adult content purveyor (or presumably based on the title of your blog ;)

      XOXO, much love, Marie. Especially if your blog is good... which I will determine right now :)

  2. So much love, Marie. Thanks for being!!