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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Male Genitalia and Video Games

A penis is a lot like video games on Facebook.

The longer you play, the harder it gets. But it's not
really a "success" and there's no need to "share with friends" every time you get a new score.

Even if you were to ask a straight-up dick-loving ho, the unanimous answer from women is "Meh." when asked about dicktures. "What about textbook perfect dicks? Don't they 'do it for you'?" And still the response, "Meh."

I'm not so cruel as to put up a pile of dicktures (that'll be another post with adequate warning) so you can see for yourself that none of them are very noteworthy. You'll really just have to take my word for it that fewer than 1% of all dicktures are worth a second glance, for the dick or the photograph itself. And the next time a girl (who isn't trying to get you to go to payboobsdotcom) talks to you online, just ask her "What's your stance on dicktures?"

If she's a real she, she'll respond "Meh." 99% of the time. Dudes will always say "Mmmm, I love dicktures, teehee." though that is paraphrased so other combinations of words may be used to indicate dickture interest.

That's when you know whether or not you're talking to a chick. If you're into guys that's cool. If you're not, now you know how to tell if she is a he. About 99% of the time. Because men are more visual creatures by nature.

We get it. You LLLOOOVVVEEE your dick. That's cool. But women only love the dick attached to the man they enjoy. Not once have I ever heard a couple say, "Ya, she fell in love with my dickture online and because my dick is so gorgeous she doesn't care that my face is ugly and that I am mean to dogs. And here we are six years later, happy as clams." or "Idk, when I saw that dickture in my e-mail, I just knew he was the one." or ...well, you get it or you don't.


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