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Friday, 13 July 2012

Pimpin' Ain't Easy: Help Wanted

Not too particular,
should be a snap.

My pimpin' career is modeled after Rudy. Not because I am asthmatic... I'm not.

At about 1:01 of that clip, he makes it clear where we stand for thee.


  1. 2K12 and Pimp'n is far from dead. Not sure how I feel about it but this was funny. I'm always looking to help women get off the streets and oppose of the mistreatment and abuse of women!

  2. Pimpin' is just business management. Generally referring to the sex trade industry but an apt label for all other kinds of handlers, too.

    If the sex trade wasn't forced underground, and a wholly unregulated sector of the economic pie, women and men wouldn't face many of the current hazards inherent in choosing, and maybe more importantly for those not choosing, a career as a sex worker.

    But "funny" makes it easier to get a conversation going, I guess. And who'd have read this article if my comment was the body... but the funny might carry a reader through to the commentary. My point being: Thanks for throwing down.

  3. Having re-read the conversation in the picture, I got to thinking... If I was an undercover copper, I think that guy might very well be in violation of International Pimpin' Laws. I mean, not that I've looked into the various means of living off the avails of prostitution but solicitation and the avails advantage, as it so clearly undefined in almost every little bit of legislature about the matter, isn't really something that John Law likes or takes very kindly, too.

    The moral of that story being that the Internet isn't really anonymous so it'd be wise to remember that when you're out slutting yourself around, in whatever fashion you choose to pursue.