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Friday, 6 July 2012

Reviews From The Nut Gallery

This is what some people are saying, to my inbox, about Donors For Boners. I'll continue to add comments here cuz y'all are afraid to comment publicly. It's okay, I gotcha back.

I could have easily made this another entry about
reading comprehension but collecting those samples is painful, so full of stupidity they are. I've included a few, just so you don't forget how much retardedness a woman is up against when she enters the world wide web. 

To the other seventeen people on the planet, who can and do read, or at the very least pretend really well, like a kitten with a string, I'd tip my hat to you, if I were inclined to wear a hat.

Whether it's insightful or standard issue stupidity, keep it coming, it's far more entertaining than daytime TV.

Hahaha, someone finally "got" the title of this series. My work here is done ;)

" Lol, I must say this is a literary goldmine "

"Just read the Tuesday entry entry. I'll tell you, that is the craziest shit I've ever read. That's hilarious. Wasn't expecting that, nor the style you have. I'm impressed and now you have me intrigued."

"It's sexual in nature but thus far I'm far from aroused. It's like some voyeuristic guilty pleasure reading what some of these responses are. Like a sexually taboo I'm speechless. And embarrassed for some odd reason. I'm trying to find the words to describe reading your blog."

"I enjoyed the blog and will return to see future brain droppings. You truly might be the queen of sarcasm.

The fact that your blog provider redirects to "adfly" is fucking annoying! [Agreed, apologies! Maybe soon it'll be Ashley Madison ads...]

Excellent work on the marketing campaign, directing horny men to your blog, If the pictures on Adult FriendFinder are not you you might be a marketing genius. Even better than all the "working girls" directing _____________ members to "pay cam websites" and hotel rooms for sex."

"hahahaha. If anything, this has been the most interesting thing I've been through on here yet."

"The way you write, I'll need to install a Jacuzzi and fill it with crushed ice, never mind the cold showers!

Regardless, please don't stop typing."

"It's one of those repositories of info that's not really epiphany inducing, but reinforces how I already feel and what I've suspected. Very cool."

"I've only managed to read through a couple of your blog posts, but I think that you write brilliantly! I had to leave part way through your story about Steve in order to seek out a cold, cold shower. "

"I'm impressed by your amazing workmanship in terms of pressing out those words in such a unique and... cool fashion."

""Quite a read" ☚ understatement of the century."

"Not going to lie, your blog is hilarious. Along with making me laugh I now feel a little ashamed! Definitely opened my eyes to what women have to deal with on a daily basis"

"...but holy shit your blog is great."

"I'm no match for you wordwise haha"

"Hi! I was just looking to set up an appointment for a massage and happy ending. What ware the rates for 30 minutes, 45 minutes and 1 hour? And do you have 1 or two pics you could send? I couldn't find the picture section on your website! thanks, have a great day!"

"I've definitely grown tired of the whole "WAAA my significant other doesn't ___ me like I want" which is independent of gender, and rife in these parts. I've been there, done that though. Realize that im high maintenance in bed, and that communication is all that needed to happen. Those two factors help me see that I was being a whiny bitch, not a poor neglected hubby."

"I'm sure you can do it [crank out a complete, printable book in a few days]. I've got few ideas. Will send some. You'll just need to draw them out."

"nice blog mmmmmmmmmmmm"

"You free this am"

I think that if a guy, with a boner,
comments on the humour and general competence of a composition,
that it's some good fuckin' writing.

Dearest Readers and/or Perverts,

Many thanks... but, with all due respect, even mmmmmmmore thanks if you like, follow, share, subscribe, comment or otherwise make such declarations outside of private communications. (If there is a social network that I'm not on, you can feel free to yell at me or kindly let me know your forum of choice.) It'll also enable you to keep abreast of any action in the future. Win-win!



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