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Friday, 20 July 2012

Guns and Nuts

Now, don't misunderstand me, what happened at the Aurora theatre showing the latest Batman flick is fucking horrific. The physical pain and psychological terror isn't something I would wish on your worst enemy. I don't have any enemies so I couldn't wish it on them. No, I mean I don't. Other people may feel and report differently about it but I am master of my domain only. 

Naturally the gun debate is back on, as if it ever really ends. I know you're on the edge of your seat wondering: Who do I think is right?
I don't fucking know, think about it for yourself and let's have us a fucking dialogue. I know I'd rather have someone's nuts in my face than their guns... But the main point I want to bring to that table is that guns are really the best line of defense against zombies. Powerful, fairly accurate depending on the user and you can use it at a distance, giving you further advantages if you're a good strategist and haven't holed up in the first place you found but were a little more selective about which bunker you took up shelter in. Never forget that height is an advantage. I think Zombies aren't really able to climb in most variations of the myth.

The other thing to acknowledge is that sex is a kind of automatic response to this kind of horror. Which means a lot of people are going to get booty that may not have presented itself otherwise. I'm not being flip at all, sex is survival in the glibbest sense of the word, and it has been duly noted that the birth rates rise coincidentally with disasters. No, idk how documented or observed it is, I read about it somewhere or other and I'm too lazy to seek out, copy and paste a link. Pretend I'm training you to be my research assistant and this is your first exercise. WW2 West Baby Boom Style would be the obvious place to start. Go, do your homework!

As for the shooter in question... without guns, yes, it would have been a lot harder for him to go crazy in that particular fashion. But did you happen to read about read about how he had his home (at least appearing to be) rigged to blow? I don't recall if the article mentions that the apartment complex was a University of Colorado Medical Center only available to students, patients and staff. Disturbing doesn't begin to describe it.

A similar guns and crowds horror show happened very recently way too close to home. I swear to Jesus' Daddy that if we removed fluoride from public water, the rates on these kinds of crimes would drop drastically. The worst that might happen is that every municipality participating would have a slight surplus in their budgets for that year.

Trying to compare this guy to "normal" people who like to have guns around, for shooting deer, or shooting cans, or shooting Nelson's Dad's shooting car, is like trying to compare people who enjoy a good fuck to people who rape and murder small animals. The shooter would have gone off, with or without guns. The fact that 5 buildings were evacuated while they try to diffuse his apartment rig gives us a little insight into this guy's repertoire. He is disturbed. And while it most certainly sucks in all the bad ways for the people who survived the attack, if he's locked up now, we're all a lot better off in the long run. He's not a gun nut but a nut with guns and there's a huge difference.

All I know, is that here in "Canada, eh", we aren't allowed to tote guns about all willy nilly. And I highly doubt people involved in organized crime took advantage of the gun registry. It became a good resource in the event of zombies because it would reduce the amount of time spent looking for guns, leaving more time for shooting them. But I have seen a few egos get scary in my time on this planet, and more than a few times these observations have led me to feel relief that a fucker can't carry a gun in these parts, just for shits and giggles. Because those few times when shit got really real, I was pretty sure that if guns were available, First degree murder charges, with the occasional insanity plea, would have been in the following chapters.

Spend some extra time loving the people in your life today, it can be awfully shitty out there and we're all in this together.


  1. hmmm, this is surely a touchy subject.

    "Oh, time's too still to waste
    Breathe in, be in, be it
    Ah, death is birth in an older dress
    Clothed in thought's rehearsal
    Life's eternal"

    Fear is the main emotion in most, that controls all negative emotions. Fear of death, fear of judgment from others, fear of loss of sense of self, etc...

    This story is just blown up because it's a crazy white guy, or white victims. But honestly, how many have been shot in the ghetto during that very span? How many are being killed because clean water hardly exists anymore.

    These stories are there, and get too much coverage because they know it plays with your emotions. Who the hell really cares that they estimate 3 million natives died because we wanted to own the world. Doesn't fucking matter, we're comfortable now, so fuck them for believing that nature cannot be owned. Fuck them for believing that since we are nature, why the fuck are we above it?

    Shit fucking happens, take away the crazy guy, the setting, and the people who can't deal, and you have the same scenario going on every day, always.

    I shouldn't care more that humans are involved, in fact it's hard to care on an equal footing with all other life forms on earth. I feel worst hearing neighbors complain about the rabbit population ravaging their pristine gardens, never once considering they have no where else to go, and never once realizing it because of OUR actions.

    Yes this sucks, but there are worst things that 'shouldn't happen'.

    How I interpret Jesus, he would've sought out the shooter to forgive him. The crazy guy most likely suffered through life much more than anyone else in that theater. Jesus understood humanity's issue, as did Boudha, as did all subsequent masters that brought on Zen.

    The truth cannot be explained with words. Like a signpost, they can only point or direct us to the truth within us.

    God is everywhere, in everything. So why the hell is he a seperate thing. Once it became an object, took on a form, how can he be here when he's there right?

    And while I opened that up. God on the other hand would've either high-fived the guy if the victims were non-believers, or kicked the shit out of him for being an ass. God is not a being, he's not apart from anything, so why do we feel above it all?

    We created God in OUR image.

    It's a dry and frustrating read, but read the bible, Jesus would not have followed God, and often did the complete opposite. Whoever put both of those stories together didn't edit the book too well.

    So I ask.

    When will humanity get off it's high horse? I don't have life, I am life. What the fuck am I missing?

  2. ... Celibate was mistranslated from celebrate, it's what happens when folks try to flip an idea to a different language. An added or dropped letter, where it's placed in sequence, a bit of punctuation lost or found in the wrong place at the right time... any little slip, changes the entire meaning of a statement.

    As for the God is Everything side of the argument. That means everything:
    The shooter.
    The victims and survivors.
    The theatre people.
    The movie makers, and advertisers.
    The police who've had a hand in rounding him up, and keeping him.
    The medical minions who treated the aftermath, delivered the bodies and fed them, as applicable.
    The news folks that report him as the "alleged shooter".
    The policy makers and breakers who are (or aren't) influenced by the event.
    The system meting out the justice that'll be wrought on his sorry ass.
    His family.
    Us, and all the people creeping this conversation.

    I'm adding this to the poetry samples :)