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Monday, 17 September 2012

Name Dropping

I read an article quoting William Shatner as saying "What's Twitter?" so I guess I'm following a faker... Lame. Even lamer that I can't remember if it was actually Shatner or someone else. Fuck it.

My question 

to those of you still rife with doubt, about the veracity of my vagina's existence, is still: "Who would impersonate a fake celebrity? ...and then discuss menstruation at great length?" I'm going to start advertising with "As seen on Twitter"... soon. My other question is: "If you love me so much, how come you're not following me on Twitter and "lol"ing at my wit in brief?" Just sayin'.

Despite the ever so fun and silly haters, the list of celebrity names I can drop around to impress people grows steadily. Aside from my second favourite husband, Daniel Tosh, who has yet to read about my passionate lust for his skinny ass and I won't let that, as yet unrequited love, overshadow all the glorious superstars I'm rackin' up on my journey...

Ya, that's right, looks who follows me on Twitter!!

Maybe no biggie to you, but it made my fucking week so much that I tweeted about it. And then blogged about that. You're welcome!

Oh ya, J-Wunder himself follows me on Twitter.
We even conversed on DM for a second.
If you don't know about now is a good time to shake that ignorance.

Cue the fucking laser noises!!
Ya, so what he's not following me,
a) He made fun of my favourite husband and I at one of his shows.
b) He sent me a message on Facebook.
c) He's funny as shit! If you ever get a chance to see him, don't pass it up.

Wait a second...
Did I just influence a celebrity?
Raw power right there,
mwuh hahahaha,
hahahaha haha...

And who could forget about that time Bryan Baeumler read my shit
and had a giggle about it on Twitter?
Not me, that's for fucking sure.

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