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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Safe, Sane and Consensual

Whatever two, or more, adults choose to get up to together, to get off by, is really nobody's business. In fact, The Man will enforce indecent exposure laws, which were probably designed to make certain it's nobody else's business.

Safe, Sane, Consensual. That's all
you need to have a good time. It's common sense. It's not my rule book. I'm only repeating what I believed to be common knowledge. 

Safe, Sane, Consensual. 

Google took me straight (no pun intended) to the source, where I learned that the expression originated in the 80's with gay male BDSM lovers when I'd always thought it was an "applies to anyone who gets off on anything" kind of scripture. Fuck it! Who says it can't be? I've been using it effectively that way for years and I'm anything but a gay male BDSM lover. Not that I'm a hater of gay male BDSM lovers, I just don't want to get off with you, or the Furries. I'll meet you for drinks when you're done having your sexy fun, if you're not an asshole. Anyway, if y'all click on that blue field it will take you to the source. 

"...It’s become a cliché, and some people are heartily sick of it — but no one has yet proposed an alternative that rolls off the tongue as easily, covers so many bases, or boasts nearly the same degree of acceptance...

...In 1987, we were trying to draw a line between what is clearly defensible, in terms of both social structures and personal well-being, and what is either indefensible or at least very questionable. It was a conscious, deliberate attempt to shift the debate onto grounds where we thought we could win, instead of having to keep proving we weren’t serial killers, spouse beaters, and child abusers. Of course, the morality of such a strategy depends on who is left out...

...And, I think that what works best is forgetting all the opinions and rules and doing what works best for me and my partners... "
So, despite the fact I definitely and, according to my best guesstimation based on marketing in predominantly heterosexual arenas, you probably don't "get off" watching dude-bangin'-dude porn, it doesn't mean that it's not Safe, Sane and Consensual when two, or more, guys wanna have sexy sword fights. Complete with pirate costumes if that's their thing. If you don't want to fuck dudes, don't. I do want to fuck dudes, and I can understand why some guys would want to fuck dudes, too. It's a lot of fun.

People who engage in sexual activity with children, animals, or anyone else who can't give informed consent, are purveyors of predatory acts that are "indefensible". End of story. 

End Of  Story

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