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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Reviews From The Nut Gallery III

Welcome to the third installment of commentary that folks are too shy to share publicly.
Check the first two here:

and here:

Three notes on the Nut Gallery Review Compilations:

1) If I was gonna make this shit up, I'd create fake social media profiles to follow and comment and etc. on my own shit. It truly kills me not to edit spelling and punctuation, but I copy/paste exactly as it's presented. And I add the link they reference... blue = link ;)

2) If you weren't so scared to admit that you read an article about sex online, you could post these comments publicly and I could be writing smut advice right now, instead of editing screen shots and copy/pasting your comments from 16 different places... just saying, this Money Is Time For Writing campaign strongly encourages you SHARING THE BLOG if you have or haven't $14 to throw in. These comments may convince other people to read but it's a hell of a lot of work this way, and it goes farther coming straight from the source... and  again, I could be writing smut, or advice on booty calls instead.

3) I've forgotten the third presently, it may come back to me... maybe something to do with the fact that a few ova stewards have joined the reviewing so Nut Gallery no longer applies entirely. It wasn't that but fuck it.

There seems to be a theme that repeats: I am actually half decent at this word assemblage game AND people who are skilled earn money for what they do. It's a nice theory I'd like to prove true. It's the theory behind this Solution
which will take you here

*You have a good blog site there! I can tell you've put in a lot of thought and effort.

*Hey I'm not totally sure how I stumbled upon your blog post about 'Hand Job Advice' but I do want to say as different as a topic as it is to read for me, I must say you are a phenomenal writer. Have an awesome day, you just made mine. Cheers

*Woah! "How To Get The Pussy (To Hug Your Dick), And Keep The Pussy" is smashingly BRILLIANT!!

*Mmmm interesting,I like it

There it is again: "Damn Lady, you've obviously spent time refining your pool of knowledge and awareness!" ... and Time is ________? Yes, that's right Billy! Time is money.

*Like ur writings so far

*well yes your profile is hot and your pic is not slutty so anyone with an once of decensy with want to meet you as im sure you know we men are all pigs and all we want if to fuck any pussy we can get are hands opps dick on opps in .
*your blog was crappy stopped reading very quickly no focus (~read more there), if your going to blog take a writers course first.
Then people might read it.

you should live a little and actually do something to give you something to blog about instead of being an arm chair blogger get a flight and have some real adventure.

*Loved, LOVED the post where you called the r-tard out.To be specific, the d-bag who was using the HGTV handyman's picture; and instead of admitting to lying, he asks for a cam session? That's gold Jerry, gold. Anyway, damn you for introducing me to yet another funny thing on the internet that I have to read, you monster. (Bryan Baeumler actually read it and tweeted me.)


One of these things is not like the other, in a number of ways...

I'd asked about his affiliation as a matter of curiosity having noticed similar patterns of behaviour. Though I'd further noted that the only "reviews" who declare anything even remotely negative, have exceptionally poor communication skills in terms of basic grammar, spelling and composition. Both groups' "critiques" are based on emotional reactions primarily, and the fear that vaginas actually have teeth. They still don't. I check mine daily for signs of teething, still none yet.

*It's a clever idea and doubles as an interesting anthropology/behavioral science research project. A look into the world of casual encounters from a woman's perspective. I find your blog extremely fascinating, but also a bit depressing. The more I read the more derivative I feel. Then there are the freak shows you interact with, which make me feel ashamed to be a man and sorry for what a woman must deal with to find some decent nookie. It also makes me wonder what keeps the "real" women (i.e. non-professionals) on these sites?

Anyways, keep at the writing. It's entertaining and you definitely have a gift for it. My writing is mostly for research journals, conference proceedings and grant proposals (read: begging for money), but I understand the challenges of getting published. I think the Internet has impacted writing as much as the Gutenberg Press. With a few clicks of a mouse you can publish your work to the whole world, circumnavigating asshole editors.

P.S. I once met Bobak Ferdowsi at a conference. I don't switch hit, but I do have to admit he has nice lips...

Indeed, the Giggle Factor has been widely observed as well.

*Love you sense of humour and have enjoyed the little bit of your blogging that I have taken a peek at. A very talented lady...
Oh and I thought your U-tube video was a classic...

*Read your Gun and Nuts. Loved how you included killing zombies as a good reason people should have guns and zombie survival tips lol. It really made me laugh, was unexpected. You defiantly have talent as a write and will continue to your Donor for Boners. lol 

*I was just reading a couple of your blogs right now Funny, honest, cruel, necessary are some words that come to mind when I was reading "ask a hot chick" 1 and 2.

*Great stuff! Thanks for the link to your blog-o-sphere. Loving your "whoa-man's" take on the Paul Mooney vibe. Some of Mooney's finest work lay in the dirty and uncomfortable bits he worked up with Pryor.

Your pieces are cocky, celebratory, critical and curt...a well conceived recipe for both humour and social criticism. Keep up the good work you sly Katt!

Sole author, editor, advertiser, fundraiser... I'm the whole damned team but it's quite flattering that y'all think so many minds are in on it.
*Great post! And blog too, am starting to read it while drinking my coffee.

*I'm a lady of the night who wants her private life to remain private; no one knows (except for a couple of gents) and I'm quite ''respectable'' in ''real'' life ;) And in my personal life, I've used ########### with success - of course you have to filter out the jerks but that's part of the game.
Btw love ur writing and rants.
Keep it up, u mite bkum famous!
And naturally: Where's the smut?

*So I did read a few blogs/stories...I never say that I wish I was someone else...but sweetie I do wish I could have been Steve that night! You sound insatiable babe!

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