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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Holiday Assholes

Ya, it's hard to suck during the holidays but when you make it everybody's problem, it only means you're a Holiday Asshole. At the end of the calendar year, while media hypes up a lot of negative undercurrents...

If you haven't heard from her in a year, or months, or sometimes even weeks... she prolly doesn't give a shit if you "miss her", or she'd have sent a message to the same effect. Especially during the holidays.

If she said "no thanks" a year ago, or months, or weeks or days... it still applies. Especially during the holidays.

If she's used any variation of the "no thanks"- that might be "I'm not interested.", "I'm no longer interested.", "Fuck no, never!", "Why do keep texting me?", "You're a dumbass and I mean that with all due respect.", "Your ignorance is hilarious to me.", "Fuck off, seriously." ... still applies. Especially during the holidays.

It really only looks like you're selfishest of the selfish, scraping the bottom of the contacts barrel when these lapses of time go on as they do and you pop up whining about your needs. Especially during the holidays.

If you're feeling all miserable and thinking you'll hit the booty jackpot with a $20 subscription to this site or that site or the other site, and  your dreams don't magically come true when you point and grunt "let's go, pictures!", when women are looking for ... not you... it simply isn't appropriate to become abusive.  Especially during the holidays.

If you're inclined to make any kind of suggestion that women who take a chance in the online dating world are GOING to be subject to abuse and should just suck it up, go ahead and continue to fuck yourself if that's your preference. Nobody but nobody should have to read some of the shit people are comfortable typing from the safety of their homes. Especially during the holidays.

If you can't figure out that how you want guys to be talking to your daughters when they get into dating and sucking dick, is how you should be treating the lady you want to suck your dick, flash her tits, or whatever other porno fantasy you'd like to live out ... I'm at a loss for words. Me!

7th pic is brilliant, click here

My absolute most favourite thing of all time is to be told what I am about. 
I love to be told what I like, and who I hate, how I feel. I LOVE it. It really shows a person is listening and hearing me. I'm quite often inspired to tear my clothes off and worship at his dick, when it's a he. In opposite land.

And I had noticed this trend among the Conservatives and Republicans, so I ask when I notice the "ur just a dumb gurl" talk... and I did ask, "Are you a republican?"

I gots plen'y "Itellengence", boy. 
I've a little weed resin, too, 
no worries about me, but your spelling is atrocious.

(As a side note, advertising yourself as a "stud"... might be ill-advised.
If you can find any other women on the internet, be sure to ask them.)

No still means no. 

She's still not your mom. 

Being an asshole any time of year is lame.

You're just not that good a manipulator... that's kind of a compliment, right?

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