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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

How'd The Gay Dude Figure It Out So Easily?

Funny irony that a man lovin' man can figure out how easy it is to attract a lady you're interested in...
cuz they don't have any interest in kissing on ladies, so you'd think they'd be getting this intel from their lady "lovin'" friends, rather than giving it. 

Direct quote from a penis owner: [All you have to do is] Pay Attention. 

Direct quote from a vagina owner: Yes, what he said.

Read his keen observation again. Maybe tattoo it on your dick, so you can make the connection between the two even more easily. 

Read his keen observation again. It hasn't changed since we were tetrapods, probably won't change when we've evolved into flying bipeds. But, rest assured, this business of acting like a caveman, or rather a caveboy, is exactly why she wants nothing to do with you.

Read this Seriously, it's head out of ass time o'clock.

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