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Tuesday, 15 January 2013


It's really no secret that I'd rather write smut than advertising a mooching sack campaign... Geez, who wouldn't? And wouldn't you rather read the Blog O' Booty Wisdoms, than a campaign to generate enough pennies to keep the Blog O' Wisdom alive?

What!!!???!!! Good old Donors For Boners may not continue to grow? If you'd been reading instead of trying to get me to go out on dates, you'd have noticed that I just haven't had the time to advertise the blog, AND add new deliciously original content, to entertain you with. I love writing but it takes time to do it well. Time is not free in this mad world we live in... a bitch gotta eat, y'know.

Work ain't magic, it's work ;)

There seems to be some confusion between hunger and greed. I can't eat compliments but it doesn't seem unreasonable to think that 2000 returning readers who claim to enjoy it so much, may be willing to throw in $10 or even a $50 to keep the blog alive... $15500 (after cost of money) for 6 months work is hardly "greedy". It simply means I can keep blogging and transcribe my manuscript during that time.

Oh realllllly? Very interesting theory...

Let's test that nice theory out: click this link 
and donate $9 or $99 to help keep it alive! 

In the real world, this is called "put your money where your mouth is" and Imma keep entertaining you with words. Really, it is that simple. And only 32 days left to contribute your $5 or $25 or $250, just so I'll shut up and go back to the smut writing. Seems fair to me, I'd love to shut up about it. But I know for sure I don't have the time to produce free entertainment and work to cover the juice and toilet paper habits we humans get up to. This campaign is to keep Imma alive, and producing this fine Blog O' Booty Wisdoms. Otherwise I'll use my free time to advertise the existing blog contributions, continue to transcribe the smutty book and then beg agents and publishers to look at it, and you can use your imagination to be entertained, or re-read some of the classics of yesteryear.

With this Money Is Time For Writing campaign, the blog continues to be free, as it has always been, and it continues to grow, in content and readership. So that when the manuscript is print ready, there is already a nice warmed audience who may be willing to purchase a copy of my self-publishing efforts because they already know I "write real good"... Drum up enough attention and a real publisher will come along and do all this marketing while ensuring I have a stipend to produce, meaning I never have to build one of these fundraising campaigns ever again.

Y'know, if you simply shared the blog with your friends and cohorts, it'd make life a lot easier for this kitty cat who's attention you seem to adore so very much. Or at the very least make the connection that you're not even willing to admit you've read it, so the reason my identity remains secret is really no mystery at all.

Foot in the door is a bitch in publishing and that's all I'm trying to do. Still. Since day one, June 17, 2012... I've got this elaborate marketing campaign going on just to let the world in on the secret that I can string words together pleasantly... if you have a better idea, I'm all ears :)

I know how you love motion pictures, so I wrote a whole movie about all of the above ... yay, YouTube

Or just click on this link or the big picture below it, that's where the campaign is

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