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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Sarcasm Expires in 12 Hours!!

Did you know...

This campaign ( ends t'day? Along with this here Blog O' Booty Wisdom.

Shit! It's just like that time The Little Red Hen was all:

"Bitch Cracka, please! You really be thinkin' I'm gonna share this here deliciousness with you? Bitch Cracker, I asked if you'd help plow. I asked if you'd help plant. I asked if you'd help water, and harvest, and grind that wheat into flour. Then I asked if you'd help knead the dough or stoke the fire to cook it, and your Bitch Cracker ass was nowhere to be found. I ain't sharin' my bread with none o' all y'all!" 

(Same reason ladies have no interest in your dick. Anybody can show up with their dick in hand... anybody. 

Think on it, you may come to realize the folly of your unsuccessful Booty Scorin' ways... that's what the blog is for, to help y'all get offline and get your dick into someone else's hand... with the help of classics like this:

and this:  

and this: to keep you warm at night in the future.) 

Yay February 30!!

I laughed from a good healthy place when I saw this one.

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