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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Reviews From The Nut Gallery Cinqo

Five?!!? Where's the fourth? 

Right here my friends: 

And the third installment, here, links to the first and second... you could go for quite a while and not bother have to form your own opinion if you click on those blue links. "Quite a while" is a relative statement.

Hey wait... there is a way, 3 hours remain!!

hours remain now

They keep saying words related to talent and earnings (brewing in the same vat) and yet they don't contribute to the continuation campaign or share the blog itself, even when they recognize that their endorsement would go so much further if it weren't copied and pasted into these nut gallery reviews by yours truly.
*With your talent, lots of people would buy it. Marketing, marketing yes but word of mouth also works, perhaps works better. 

I admit I love this one most, such cleverness always makes me grin: 
*We googled you, interesting stuff! You seem pretty alright, quite the cunning linguist 

Mixed Reviews?
*Wow Thanks for the time, consideration and thoughts. I appreciate them. i (honestly) have little familiarity with this type of site but you are clearly in a class by yourself - very impressive - amazing actually. I will check out the campaign to save the blog and look to assist in a small way. (I offer that restrained response to contributing so it looks like I am thoughtful and not easily cajoled into contributing to yet one more cause : ). Keep bloggin and take care.

(Very) Astute Observer sandwiched between Socially Retarded bread
*Love your profile and blog, I bet the humour is lost on many.

Sorry, what was I doing here before the Lil Red Hen asked for a lil help to continue makin' this here advice bread... oh right, telling you about the dumbassery and risks to be found online. Y'know, if you're an authority, on anything, you can make your own site and share anything you want, right?
*You seek contributions to enable you to write about ... sex.
In reading profiles... others on here have stated that some couples/individuals are using their pictures or are plan psycho....
Blogging about this... and informing others.. may help

Work is work, and I bet y'all wouldn't volunteer at yo' jobs either. 
*Hey, I'm happy you found me. I did go into some of your blogs stuff and thoroughly enjoyed it. Keep the diatribe rolling.


*Yes, I perused your blog- very engaging topics, love it!

Too funny about the 1600's comment, very true. Interesting to see today's technology mixed with values about sex held-over from 400 years ago!

Ok, I WILL stay tuned! You had me at, "boner".

Great, now I have a boner... what to do.... 

*I checked out your blog you are hilarious! 

*Cool blog, great attitude

looks like fun

take care

C'est vrai!
What the fuck does the colour of the Queen's underpants have to do with current the price of tea in London?
*Very thought provoking, may i ask are someone that like to give massages?

*you just have a refreshing level of intelligence relative to a lot of people on here. So- you have great abs and a quick wit... You don't need to be on this site, so why are you? Fodder for your writing, or are you actively looking for guys who are browing a sex-site, looking for sex, asking for sex, talking about sex, and not interested in talking about anything other than sex? 

*Thanks for destroying my productivity all afternoon! Lol. Your blog is awesome and now I'm addicted.

So what is a smart and sexy chick looking for on here? Btw, I take it as a serious compliment that you responded. I'm guessing your inbox is bulging with messages from horny men.

I especially liked this post:



Gold Star goes to...
*A very creative way to bring traffic. Assuming that was your intent, anyway. But I have to say I'm glad I found your blog, so even if my assumption is wrong, well done and, as a certain crush of yours might say, mission accomplished!  

Damn this one is like a prophecy of sorts!
... I'm a chick, ergo, no cock. Am I labelled as a dude on my profile??? I'd better fix that asap! Enjoy!

*yeah n u r fucken wired shit

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