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Friday, 15 February 2013

Blog O' Pictures

Of this crazy campaign,
36 hours remain...

Here is the interactive picture you've been looking for!

Those of you waiting impatiently for
The Dickture Article to be born,
(really, what's that all about anyway? I thought you were pussy lovers around here??!?)
will be sorely disappointed to learn that regardless of the campaign's success or failure,  
USc 2257 is the real culprit for not sharing all those dicktures here.

Read up on it for yourself, if you really wanna know why you aren't allowed to look at all the dicktures people have sent me. 
This is a fairly clear and condensed version of the whole thing:  

So many screen shots,
so little time. 

Just lookit all these screenshots!!
All for you!
Just cuz you love pictures so much!


9 months... 
He coulda made a whole baby in the time he's spent obsessing about his dick... 
Better his than someone else's,
I s'pose.
Fewer than 1% of actual women wanna see your dick.

Here's the 1 in a 100.

Lotsa people sell crap these days,
I can almost understand why people would be surprised that I'd offer up all this valuable and practical advice, for free. 
And with such a hilarious bent.

The blog will still be here,
to learn from and laugh with,
but not only will there be 
no mo' advertising this  
Campaign To Save The Blog's Future ramblings,
there won't be any new 
Common Sense Trivia
added to the repertoire either...
Little Red Hen, 
that's what we're playing here.
I'm showing you, 
instead of telling you,
"How To Get The Girl":
Practical advice that can be applied to your goal of Winning Booty.
People will believe anything,
except the truth.

I frankly can't understand the confusion, 
it's really quite as simple
as I could possibly make it.
The blog is still a 
creative Creative Writing resume.
 And yes, logically, that means that in 37 hours,
if/when the campaign ends, unsuccessfully,
I will no longer be using these apps, 
or creating conversations to screen shot.

In other words, 

None of the above.

No mo' hangin' out in free therapy land,
otherwise known as the world of online forums for connecting with humans, 
generally for the intention of hook ups,
of one sort or another. 

No mo' free entertainment.

No mo' valuable information 
about Getting The Girl."

Lol, I have no problems meeting people,
for any variety of pleasurable pass times,
that's still not what the blog is for.
And I have no problems keeping these  
common sense secrets to myself. 
And meting them out at a wildly inflated rate. 

Again, here is the interactive picture you've been looking for, to help keep it coming, and free, less your well spent $20. 
Click the boobies, if only so you know why I've disappeared from these silly reindeer games. Or what the fuck I was up to, before I ditched out on you loverboys ;)

A friend asked recently if I could help her
"hook up" with BOB...
Friends help each other.
See? The project hasn't changed a lick.
The truth about Online Dating, for women, 
is that 1 in a 100 messages is worth the time... 
okay, maybe it's 2 on a good day.
But it sure doesn't guarantee he is fuckable,
or fun to fuck,
just cuz he's not a meathead in print.

The truth about Online Dating, for men,
is that there is a lot of competing attention
for a very limited number of (actual) women,
and there is crappy representation by your gender,
to the tune of 98-99%,
so real women flee before you'll ever get a chance 
to prove you're not a meathead,
in print or in person.

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